Sandy Dragons and a Grumpy Tortoise

Sadly, I haven’t been able to make many dragons lately. I finally got to make a small round of critters a little while back, and I am SO happy with the results. I also got to play with some fun new materials, which are now going to become a regular part of my dragon making because I love them so much!

Behold: sand! I acquired some turquoise and grey colored sand, and when I mix it into the clay it produces a cool effect. The first one reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream; because he’s that specked off-white color and he looked great with brown accents.


The little red guy has turquoise sand mixed into his body, and the blue on him is two shades marbled together because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. I love how playful he is. The spots took a while to do though, and I almost messed up the ones on his legs. (You can’t see the sand as distinctly in this one, as the turquoise sand has a lot more white flecks than expected, and it doesn’t show up as well in the red. But I still think it looks cool.)


I also got an opal-effect clay, which is a translucent white with large chunks of pretty glitter in it. I really like the way it looks with the lilac color I have. Isn’t she pretty? 😀


At the request of my brother, I created what I believe to be the most adorable tortoise I have ever made. He was supposed to look comical, and I thought that a grumpy face would be perfect.  The spots were a good new experience; I’ve never done anything like that before (these spots led to the red dragon’s spots). To make his shell so ridiculously huge, I put wads of tin foil inside it.IMG_9544


A few sea critters were produced too, as well as some mini potted plants. (The snake is a sea krait ( that is common in tropical Pacific waters, and is well-known in New Caledonia. They are really cute, supposedly quite gentle, but also really venomous.)



There was much fun involved in creating a nice array of mini French cheeses, wines, and breads.


And who doesn’t need a mini Batman?


You might’ve noticed: my photos are finally looking better. Yay! With the help of my Dad, I found a way to take pictures that look so much nicer than the ones before. The secret? Knex, white cloth,  and 2 folded pieces of paper. Take it outside into sunlight, and take pictures with a nice camera. I am thrilled with the results.


As a comparison: New (first) and old (second) shots of my two Arrow dragons. The difference is incredible.



That’s all for this round, and all for a while. I hope to restart sales soon, maybe around October or November, hopefully earlier. I’m going to try to finish the Zodiac dragons in time for Christmas.

Have a great day everyone!