If you’ve got questions about my dragons/other creations, here’s the place to find the answers!

What are your dragons made out of?

I always use high-quality polymer clay, typically Sculpy.

Can I design my own dragon?

Yes! And other creatures too! Head over to my Custom Critters page to find out more.

Where can I buy a dragon?

You can find links to my shops through my auctions page, or by going to my Facebook page. I also have an Etsy page.

Can I contact you about getting a specific, non-customized dragon?

Yes, of course! Just check out the contact page to find out more.

How do you make your dragons?

Generally, I just use my hands to make my creatures. Sometimes, I use hand tools, but only for the minor details.

How big are your dragons?

It really depends. My biggest ones can be over 4 inches in height and length, but I can also make ones that can fit on quarter.

Do you use anything besides clay in your dragons?

Yes I do. Occasionally, I need to make a dragon stand or make a critter more round without using too much clay. To do this, I use wire supports and tin foil.


If you have any other questions you’d like me to answer, just let me know!