Custom Critters

So, you want to design your own dragon? You can do that by ordering a custom creation! Here’s the place to look for some answers about common custom questions.

First and foremost: How do I order a custom?

Simple! Just send take a look at my contact page, or send me a message through my Facebook page. From there, I’ll send you an order form and we can iron out the details.

How much can I customize my dragon?

As much as you want really. You can pick the body colors, the pose, wings or no wings, horns, spines, size, even eye color! Each dragon is 100% original, and can be totally customized! Everything is up to you!

Can you make a replica of an earlier dragon, but in different colors?

Of course! Take a look at these two here. The one on the left is the original dragon, and the other is a replica. Do remember though that it won’t be an exact copy. Every single dragon is unique!

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Can you make things other than dragons?

Yes, I can. You have the option to get customs of pets, mermaids, and other oddball creations, like a bespectacled octopus. I also do custom earrings (birds, turtles, food, and other objects), as well as charm bracelets. Pretty much anything you can imagine!

If I give you a picture of a creature, can you make it?

I’ll certainly give it a try. I’ve made dogs, dragons from drawings, mermaids, a cartoon dragon, and several other things from pictures. I’m happy to accept customs that come with pictures. (It really makes it a lot easier!) Check out this link to see an example of my from-picture work.

How much do customs cost?

It truly depends upon the custom itself. No need to get into boring details here, but generally, customs are slightly more than my regular products. A lot of the cost has to do with size, extras, and the detail in the custom.

Can you add non-clay things to customs?

Sure! If you’d like me to add a charm, marble, rhinestone, sand, glitter, or other type of accessory to your custom, I certainly can do that. There are limitations; anything added to a dragon or other creature must be able to withstand the heat of the oven, so no plastic or cloth. But it may be possible to add it on afterward, so don’t hesitate to ask!


If you’ve got any other questions, comments, or suggestions, let me know!